Mariposa tecnicolor

Como me gustaria saber que pasa por tu mente cuando estas conmigo, cuales son tus sentimientos...
¿que es lo que sentis?... no espero nada ya, solo tu decision tranquila y pacientemente, se que no te aburro y que no te preciono nadie me cambia mis ideales. Te extraño mucho aunque no lo creas, sabes lo que siento ya no se como decirtelo asi que decidi una nueva forma, en varios colores diferentes....

tu mirada me enloquece y no dejo de pensar en vos en todo momento

Sorry seems to be the hardest word...

The hardest word, “sorry”, I think that the ecensial moment that I should have told you was long before, but I did tell you at least; “forgive me” was hand in hand with “I love you”. Now I can see the sun in your eyes, I can share with you my secrets and my mistakes; I confess the two words that make me the happiest are every time I hear you say “I love you”. I can´t stop looking into your eyes not even imagining them when you aren´t with me

Lo que mas me duele

Today I thought what to do with you, may kiss you, try to continue or simply say no. I reached a conclusion, I love you too much to hate you. Your decisions are killing me, your silence hurts me and your words knock my mind for hours. But I have to admit that what hurts me most is that you won ´t love me as I love you now.


Frank, Harry, Nacho... Todo menos Janin ;)

Paso poco mas de un mes desde que nos conocemos y no puede pasar ni una hora sin que piense en vos! Que cosa, no? Y paso mucho en ese mes!! Lo que me sorprende es que pasado tan poco tiempo ya te quiera tanto...
Y bueno por eso decidi postear :P
Gracias por todo! Te quiero mucho!


Nothing is Real


Would you fell the same I can´t get your smile out
if I saw you in heaven. of my mind
We are just two lost souls
swimming in a fish boul.
Beacuse you know sometimes
What do I gotta do words have two meanings
to make you love me
Mother will
she take my heart?

First post

bueno, primer posteo estoy viendo maso menos que honda, lo que siempre voy a subir a ser musica entre otras